We are back!

Back on location that is!

Bender and I go on remote for show sponsor The BeerSauce Shop for their first ever SauceBowl!

We had the pleasure of recording three segments in between tasting lots of delicous wings, sauces, syrups, and more!

Some of the brands sampled were:

Uncle Bob’s Spices & Blends

Cole’s Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce

Primal Cry Hot Sauce

Cowboy Chris BBQ Sauce

Boozy Botanicals

And of course tons of great beer and the in house sauces from our boys at the BeerSauceShop!

Also, though we didn’t need it, we could have picked up a Bomber Jacket had we needed one. Or we could have went to www.mybomberjackets.com¬†and used the promo code ‘RAPCAST15’ and saved 15% on our entire purchase!

Now download and listen… cheers!

Jeremy B.
A Random A** Host