We are back!

And before you listen, a couple of things…

One, we aimed to release three episodes for the 100th episode week. Time just got away from us and this one spilled into 101. Still, it may be worth it! You be the judge.

But that brings us to two, there were some problems with the sound board after moving it back and forth from the BeerSauce Shop. Something was hit on the FX dial that I didn’t hear and didn’t show up till I started editing. So please do what you can and we will run this game back in the near future, because honestly, it may have been one of our most fun episodes to date. 

That said, we play DrunkQuest this episode. Its a game I picked up at WizardWorldSTL and it did not disapoint. 

We started with one beer before the recording started rolling and by the end, we were wasted. 

So all in all, a pretty damn good game. 

Take a listen and download and share… and rate!

Jeremy B. 
A Random A** Host

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Source: The RAP